6  Triggers

Professionals can configure triggers on sensor data. When a trigger is set on an activity, it will determine whether a this activity will be shown to the participant or not.

Activities which have a trigger set on them, will periodically be evaluated on previously gathered sensor data. If the trigger conditions are met, the activity will be shown to the participant.

6.1 Instructions

Triggers can be set based on data from the following sensors:

  • GPS (gps), with parameters:
    • longitude
    • latitude
    • radius
  • pedometer (steps), with parameters:
    • steps

Note: the desired sensor must first be created in the “Sensors” section of the dashboard.

Triggers are set in the “Triggers” section of the dashboard, by pressing the “Add” button or the “Edit” button of an existing trigger. A professional can then configure the trigger for a specific activity, and give this trigger a name and description.

Currently, it is only possible to add a trigger based on data from a single sensor (as shown in the picture above).